Speaker for the Diodes - April 14th, 2017

Apr. 14th, 2017

05:24 am - QotD

"I guess this is how we are writing up the victims of crimes now. [...] In accordance with this new house style I am writing up an incident whose anniversary some people are celebrating this week.

"The gentleman arrested Thursday and tried before Pontius Pilate had a troubled background.

"Born (possibly out of wedlock?) in a stable, this jobless thirty-something of Middle Eastern origin had had previous run-ins with local authorities for disturbing the peace, and had become increasingly associated with the members of a fringe religious group. He spent the majority of his time in the company of sex workers and criminals.

"He had had prior run-ins with local authorities -- most notably, an incident of vandalism in a community center when he wrecked the tables of several licensed money-lenders and bird-sellers. [...]"

-- Alexandra Petri, "Crucified man had prior run-in with authorities", 2017-04-12

[To my friends and kin marking our faith's solemn holiday today and Sunday's joyous one: a blessed Good Friday to you according to whichever ways you observe the day. I chose today's QotD not to make light of the holiday, but to remind us there are better paths than propping up the powerful or rationalizing their excesses. In the essay I quoted from I see topical snark, aye, but more important matters the snark is meant to point to, as well.]

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