Speaker for the Diodes - March 31st, 2017

Mar. 31st, 2017

05:24 am - QotD

"Unlike the Transgender Day Of Remembrance that takes place later in the year, this is not about mourning the innumerable lives we've lost.

"This is about the ones who made it.

"The ones who managed, every single day, to rise from bed and face a world designed to keep them as it dictates.

"This day is about the trans people who have changed society for the rest of us, and for those of us whose very lives are an act of defiance.

"Transgender Day Of Visibility is about showing those still terrified of revealing who they are that they too have a future – and it can be a bright one."

-- Lee Hurley, 2017-03-31 (yes, a few hours ago)

And speaking of having been terrified to reveal who one is...

"I've known I was transgender since I was three-years-old. I knew a girl called Patricia and I decided I wanted to be known by that name but it didn't stick.


"I was never totally unhappy. I always made the most of things and looked on the bright side of things. I've always had a wicked sense of humour.

"The atmosphere [around being transgender] was not safe. People did not understand what transgender was...

"Because of the general hostility of people I kept quiet. It wasn't until recently that I felt safe to come out and I felt an overwhelming desire that I wanted to break free. So I came out and I've not regretted it."

-- Patricia Davies, quoted in an article by Joseph Patrick McCormick at PinkNews, "WWII veteran comes out as transgender aged 90: 'I've known since I was 3'", 2017-03-29

Two more paragraphs from the article, that illustrate the importance of visibility in media:

"She said she saw a television programme in the 1970s about a man who wanted to wear women's clothes, but that even then she had never heard the word transgender."

"Eventually, she saw the BBC series Boy Meets Girl, which encouraged her to come out as transgender, and she is now a member of the Beaumont Society."

[I found several articles about Ms. Davies, but they all seem to be reworkings of the same first article. Despite all appearing to be based on the same initial report, a difference between them leapt out at me: names. In some publications, the writer or editor appropriately decided that Ms. Davies former given-name was not important to the story. Others led with her current name but mentioned her birth-name parenthetically. (Why would any of us who didn't know her before, who never heard of her until now, want or need to know a name that we will never have any reason to refer to her by?) And still others started right off by deadnaming her. (*grrr*). Her deadname adds no more understanding to the current story or her backstory, tells us nothing more about who she is.]

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