Speaker for the Diodes - February 8th, 2017

Feb. 8th, 2017

05:25 am - QotD

"No no no no no....please, Canada, stay your amazing and civilized selves where disputes are best left to slamming people in ice hockey and eating maple cookies...I love that the stereotypes of Canada are of absolute politeness and dignity. Don't let the fear, anger, violence and ignorance of the US be your biggest imports. Be better. Do better. Love and appreciate one another. We are in desperate need of all Canada stands for in the world; no one can generate more joy, love, and appreciation for all quite like you do." -- FB user Hildegard von Bingen (I'm guessing probably not the 11th C. one) [thanks to [info] realinterrobang for quoting this earlier]</msall>

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