Speaker for the Diodes - February 3rd, 2017

Feb. 3rd, 2017

05:25 am - QotD

A tweet thread by @sazza_jay, 2017-01-30 (bold emphasis added):

We need to talk about these 'lone wolf' white terrorists who turn out to belong to online white supremacist & MRA communities.

They are not 'lone wolves'. They are radicalised. Their violence & hatred has been nurtured, and directed by their online communities.

(When I say 'directed', I don't necessarily mean they've received instructions to attack, to be clear)

This is not a problem authorities can't understand when it comes to ISIS. They understand the impact of online communities in ~that~ context

'He's a loner' they say, after asking around his neighbourhood. But this is a new age. Where we live extends beyond geography now.

They aren't 'lone wolves', they're a pack. They egg each other on, strategise together and they're always recruiting for their cause.

Calling white terrorists with deep connections to online white supremacist &anti-women communities is wilfully incompetent &highly dangerous

This isn't just sloppy, it's an outright refusal to tackle terrorism as long as it's wearing a white face.

It's a wilful disregard of public safety. When they call these people 'lone wolves' they're saying they aren't gonna do a thing to stop them

If you've ever been unfortunate enough to be targeted by these online communities you know that they're not an oddball working alone.

Tell Leslie Jones or Anita Sarkeesian that they were just victims of a 'lone wolf' and understand the level of ridiculous we're being fed.

'That's a bad analogy!' - I'm not making an analogy. These are the SAME GODDAMN PEOPLE IN BOTH.twitter.com/jacremes/statu...

Failure to acknowledge the links between right wing terrorism and Reddit/twitter/FB communities is gonna get more and more people killed.

One thing: what's happened in Quebec is still unravelling. What I've said here tonight might be irrelevant to that particular case. We are still awash with a swamp of information and still sorting truth from rumour. This applies beyond yesterday's awful attack.

'Oh yeah? Give me names!' Anders Breivik. Dylan Roof. Elliot Rodgers. Richard Poplawski. Daniel Cowart. Wade Michael Page.

(As with yesterday's, the link to the first tweet should display the whole thread. Here are links to the other tweets just in case ... # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # )

A slightly different emphasis from @JAZonyaMINE's tweets from a month and a half earier (yesterday's QotD) in that one looks at larger culture (the "self-radicalization" is a perhaps-inevitable expression of threads present in our culture that we don't want to admit are that dangerous) ... and the other looks at radical communities (even in the transition from absorbing these memes from our culture to wanting to act them out, the "lone wolf" is usually part of a pack that we could see -- maybe even in time to prevent some of the violence -- but are mostly unwilling to see and label). Not even different sides of the problem, really. More like two flashlights shining on the same side of the same thing, one lighting the top half and the orgwe illuminating the bottom, and both beams overlapping in the middle.

(As a commenter replying to one of these threads pointed out, see also "stochastic terrorism".)

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