Speaker for the Diodes - January 13th, 2017

Jan. 13th, 2017

05:25 am - QotD

"So if we're going to be serious about race going forward, we must uphold laws against discrimination -- in hiring, and in housing, and in education, and in the criminal justice system. That's what our Constitution and highest ideals require. But laws alone won't be enough. Hearts must change. [...]

"For native-born Americans, it means reminding ourselves that the stereotypes about immigrants today were said, almost word for word, about the Irish, and Italians, and Poles -- who it was said were going to destroy the fundamental character of America. And as it turned out, America wasn't weakened by the presence of these newcomers; these newcomers embraced this nation's creed, and this nation was strengthened."

-- President Barack Obama, Farewell Address, 2017-01-10

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