Speaker for the Diodes - December 31st, 2007

Dec. 31st, 2007

05:28 am - QotD

"Not responsible for errors in content, meaning, tact, or judgment. Live and let live. Toes go in first. I didn't do it. Enjoy." -- Disclaimer on the official Cygwin site [ via copy/paste from [info] realinterrobang]

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12:57 pm - Silly linguistic thought of the day

So I was playing "tug o' police-action" with the cat (because neither of us was comitting enough of our strength to properly call it a "tug o' war") ...

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07:06 pm - Missed Calls; and, Too Tired F'r Grammar

Went out w/ phone insufficiently charged. Each time it rang, it immediately turned itself off before I could answer. Was quick enough to see caller-ID on one call, & have returned that one now that phone's plugged in, but not sure who else rang. If 'twas thee, try again before I fall over from exhaustion.

Feel like I ought to go downtown to photograph crowds & skyrockets, but fear I lack the spoons.

Happy new year to my European friends (& Asian & Auusie if any of y'all are those places ... are you?), and to anyone reading this long enough after when I'm posting it that it's 2008 where y' are by the time you see it.

Yowza, I'm so very tired. Didn't seem like that ambitious a plan for the day when I started out ... Whoops.

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