Speaker for the Diodes - December 21st, 2007

Dec. 21st, 2007

05:28 am - QotD

"It seems to be a rule (as LiveJournal is ironically proving) that when you set out to offend nobody, you often become more offensive." -- [info] makfilkentist, 2007-12-10

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08:09 am - Sight:Sound

A line of police cars a mile or two long

The photo that I should've clipped to last night's entry, but I hadn't gotten around to pulling the file off the camera and cropping/adjusting it yet:

105K JPG, 906 x 843 )

I wasn't quick enough (rather, the camera didn't recycle fast enough) to get the oncoming view looking toward downtown. If I'd gone to look a few minutes earlier in the event, that might have been an impressive shot. (OT1H, Lombard St. is straighter looking east from my house; OTOH, some blocks east of here are occulted by trees. I think the net result would've been a better sense of how long the string of police cars was. Oh well.)

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03:59 pm - Happy Solstice

A blessed solstice to those who mark it as a holy day, and an enjoyable day to everyone who just likes astronomy or calendars!

When I looked it up to stick a reminder in my QotD file, I saw that, for folks interested in scientific precision, the winter solstice this year technically occurs at 01:08 EST (06:08 UT) tomorrow morning, so I wasn't sure whether to include a holiday greeting under today's quote or tomorrow's. But I see that at least some of my friends are celebrating today, so I'll make it today as well. A happy shortest-day to you all, and looking forward to the return of the sun.

My own big winter holiday is still a few days away, and I am so not-ready ...

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06:50 pm - Wait ... what was I planning to write about?

I keep getting spam advertising "hydrocodon" -- is that a painkiller thatworks by gene-splicing? Also "hydroc0done" -- would that be a null-drug (a placebo) that just looks like hydrocodone? (Yeah, I know these are intentional misspellings to attempt (badly) to evade spam filters (none of 'em got past mine), but that's where my brain goes when I see them flit past when I 'tail -f' the recently-delivered log, or when I sift the spambucket to check for false positives.)

I'm also seeing lots of spam asking whether I have problems with a "small instrument", and every single time I think they're talking about travel guitars or piccolos until I remind myself they're talking about something else.

I suppose I needn't go into my reactions to all the other spam asking whether I'd like larger genitalia or offering to make me a "real man" (offer to remedy my womb-envy and maybe I'll be more interested ... except for knowing that the science of SRS hasn't gotten that good yet) -- I'm not in their target audience there, even if I were gullible enough. But maybe if they offered me something to fix my short term memory on my more scattered days ...

Or maybe they have, and I forgot.

Anyhow, I've reclaimed 8M or so of disk space while trying to remember what else I'd been planning to do.

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