Speaker for the Diodes - December 2nd, 2007

Dec. 2nd, 2007

05:28 am - QotD

From the Quotation of the day mailing list, 2005-06-24:

"Dead bodies are indecent: they proclaim with embarrassing candour the secret of all matter, that it has no obvious relation to meaning." -- Terry Eagleton, in After Theory
(submitted to the mailing list by Terry Labach)

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12:07 pm - A Dream Sort Of About Antennae

I just woke from a dream about installing cell-phone antennae for various carriers on an existing bare mast. My first impulse upon waking in the middle of installing the second antenna, was to try to fall back asleep so I could read the rest of the installation manual and memorize the instructions before the dream got too far away to recall. (It didn't occur to me that the instructions from the manual in the dream wouldn't apply to the installation of any waking-world antenna until after I'd decided to roll over and start typing this.)

Real-life people, recent events, many-years-ago events, and an earlier (mostly unremembered) dream were referred to in this dream.

In the dream ... )

A few more details faded away while I was typing this, but that's most of what I remembered when I woke up.

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01:45 pm - Auris Vermes

More randomness (I'm including a description of a dream in the subject-category 'randomness'): when I woke up and started typing my previous entry, I had "Good King Wenceslas" looping through my brain -- melody only, no words, no specific instrumentation. By the time I headed downstairs to make something to eat, it had been replaced by "Jamie's Cryin'" -- the full Van Halen version, drums, guitars, vocals (and, as is often the case when I get rock song stuck in my head, or try to remember one intentionally, the guitar parts are a little clearer than the vocals, more likely to be what I find myself humming).

Whaaaa Whaaaa waww, wah wa ah ah -- budduh badda buddeh bump ...

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06:57 pm - Crackly Cat

Wow. So much static that Perrine sometimes zaps me with her paw when she walks across me (I hear it more than I feel it); usually I accidentally zap her on the nose or ear, or just notice the crackling sounds when I pet her. Is the air that much drier than other Decembers? It's raining out (and my house doesn't maintain all that great a distinction between outside-air and inside-air, as illustrated by how much of my housedust is black auto exhaust and tire crud instead of white/grey skin flakes, and how I can tell when somebody is smoking on the sidewalk in front).

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