Speaker for the Diodes - November 30th, 2007

Nov. 30th, 2007

05:28 am - QotD

"I'm always impressed by the lengths people will go to believe that God wants what they want." -- narrator, "Ghosts and Simulations" by Ruthanna Emrys (Strange Horizons, 2007-11-12)

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06:06 pm - Status and a Snippet

Today was the first time in about three weeks that I've felt capable of walking all the way to the clinic to get my prescriptions refilled. Ironically, it was also the day I had a ride ... (I try to refill them as soon as the insurance will let me, 24-25 days after the previous refill, so as to build up a buffer against too many days in a row of not feeling well enough to get them. This time I used up all of my buffer and had actually run out of a couple of meds two days ago.) Despite feeling like I maybe coulda' done it on my own, it's probably more than a little good thing that I had a ride, because after being driven to the clinic and then going a couple of other places, I'm right on the edge of exhausted-to-tears. So I'm not going to try to walk to the nearer grocery store tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I'm just going to program the VCR, pet Perrine, and peek a little more at what folks are saying about the latest news out of Six Apart -- what appears to me to be a feature and misfeature tangled together.

A story-fragment that crawled into my brain last night (er ... this morning) as I was trying to fall asleep, in need of a story to put it into:

"She died with a guitar in her hands. Her last words were:

X:1<br />T:snippet<br />C:\251 2007 by D. Glenn Arthur Jr.<br />M:4/4<br />L:1/8<br />Q:1/4=120<br />K:Am clef=treble-8<br />|: (A,B,CD EDCB, | A,)(CB,A, G,2)E,2 | (A,B,CD EDCB, |1 A,2)C2 B,4 :|2 CB,A,2) G,2A,2 |]

"--played with a stare and a nod to each person in the room, before she crumpled to the floor, the guitar still clutched in her dead hands."

Hey, if this inspires one of my friends who actually gets around to writing stories when inspired (I get lots of ideas but complete very few tales), go for it, and if you use this melody and I ever get around to writing my own story to put this in, I'll make up a new melody.

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11:09 pm - No prizes for guessing what I watched on the telly tonight

Okay, I already know that bombs in movies and on television have blinking LEDs or visible countdown displays, and that the "looks like a bomb" meme<->image linkage has led to various extreme reactions from authorities to "OMGitLooksLikeAbooooomb" decorative electronic devices.

What I don't get is why Every Television Bomb[*] must do this thing which makes so little sense for most practical bombs.

I mean, I can understand the occasional movie bomb doing this -- nothing sets the stage for "will they make it in time?" suspense like a countdown timer, after all, and even a simple blinking LED reinforces the audience's perception that "oh noes, time passeth toward de-to-nay-shun!", as well as giving the main characters Something To Notice so they can find the bomb in time ... But really now, every damned bomb? WTF? And for how many decades of television and movies? Is the art form that formalized stylistically that bombs in live-action must blink just as bombs in comedy animation must be round with a fuse or three sticks of dynamite taped to a mechanical alarm clock? Is there no hope that the audience might be able to understand that "dat t'ing over dere, it's a bomb" if it lacks the blinkenlights?

Or are writers and directors just that lazy?

[*] Okay, mostly time-bombs or delayed-trigger bombs, sometimes for other types of bombs, not so much for letter bombs. Roll with me here, okay?

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