Speaker for the Diodes - October 5th, 2007

Oct. 5th, 2007

03:37 am - Cats Lie; Numbers Nobody Else Cares About; Insomnia; To-Done

I got more sleep yesterday (all during daylight) than I had for each of the previous several days: about four and a half hours with a 45-minute awake spell in the middle. Still a long way from being enough. This may be part of the reason my sense of time was all cattywumpus (and is still askew now) and I managed to wind up off in my own reality regarding scheduling (something I thought was happening yesterday, and which I got ready for on time, is actually going to be Tuesday -- whoops).

But despite that I managed to accomplish a few things ... some of which were disproportionately minor compared to the major chunks of time I spent on them, but ah well, progress is progress. Though I keep bumping into "not quite alert enough for that next step" situations and switching tasks. Currently I'm experimenting with something and hoping to fall asleep soonish. And thinking up new projects I haven't time for (but would hypothetically save me time in the future, so they go on the "depending on what's more urgent and what I'm awake enough for" heap).

I'm wondering whether I can move the piano downstairs, with another person helping, without destroying my wrist; or whether I need to wait until I have two helpers and just stand out of the way and watch. (It does occur to me that pushing it out the window, lowering it to the front steps with block & tackle, and bringing it back in through the front door would be much easier than wrestling it down all those stairs and around corners. But since I lack the tools or any confidence in the ability of the spots I'd have to attach to to hold the weight of the piano, I'm not going to do it that way.) Anyhow, I did get the legs off and everything secured in the case earlier, so it's ready to be moved.

Apparently the one site that gave me detailed logs (the one where most of my images are hosted -- there's a one-pixel transparent GIF on my pages specifically to generate one greppable hit in the logs there; it's not one of the three listed in the table below) stopped recording any logs at the beginning of April, and gotten glitchy before that. So I'm missing any recent data, but for the hits that managed to get recorded between January and April of this year, I've got a breakdown of how many came via each of the places where my web site's directory tree exists (note that all of the files in the radix.net copy are just "this page has moved" notices sending people to dglenn.org, and that dglenn.org went live in November, I think).


If spiders account for most of the Radix hits, as was suggested, then why aren't the spiders following the redirects and crawling dglenn.org?

In the afternoon, Perrine used her "you're hurting me" cry, loudly, to complain about my not opening the door to let her into B's bedroom. When I later kicked her (rather hard, alas) because she was lurking in a shadow right in my path as I was leaving the bathroom and I didn't see her, she just made an indignant but muted squawk and ran to the bed; not being let into a room she hasn't been allowed in for quite a long time, she shrieked that I was ruining her life. Oh my goodness, I have a teenager for a cat. Sheesh!

Yah, kind of scattered this morning, I know. Need my sleep, dammit.

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05:28 am - QotD

"[...] the war on terror has been superseded by the war on embarrassment" -- from a subhead on an article in The Guardian ( thanks to [info] yesthattom for pointing it out)

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