Speaker for the Diodes - September 5th, 2007

Sep. 5th, 2007

05:28 am - QotD

"Perhaps one reason that right-wing talk shows are more popular than left-wing ones [...] is that right-wing beliefs conflict with reality, so that right-wingers require like-minded talk shows to reinforce their beliefs in the face of contradictory facts. Left-wingers, holding beliefs consistent with reality, do not need talk shows to reinforce their beliefs." -- [info] patoadam, 2007-09-04

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05:42 pm - God and Suburbanites

Some of you will have seen this already. It amused me enough to want to share it with the rest as well.

God and the Suburbanites )

And yes, of course, this is the right time to mention a book I rather think more folks should read, which I've mentioned before in various places: The Lawn: A History of an American Obsession, by Virginia Scott Jenkins. Some surprises in there, including an explanation for how the curious juxtaposition of independence/liberty memes and "the neighbours can enforce lawn-care standards socially" memes came to be.

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