Speaker for the Diodes - August 19th, 2007

Aug. 19th, 2007

05:28 am - QotD

From the Quotation of the day mailing list, 2005-05-29:

"What Lucas has devised, over six movies, is a terrible puritan dream: a morality tale in which both sides are bent on moral cleansing, and where their differences can be assuaged only by a triumphant circus of violence. Judging from the whoops and crowings that greeted the opening credits, this is the only dream we are good for. We get the films we deserve." -- Anthony Lane, movie critic for the New Yorker, reviewing Star Wars: Episode III.
(submitted the the mailing list by Kelly Rollefson)

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11:36 pm - A Train Of Thoughts

"Yeah, yeah, I guess I gotta admit that not being able to mount root is a perfectly reasonable kernel panic."

"Hmm. The obvious thing to try here is booting from a rescue floppy such as tomsrtbt since I don't care as much about the root partition in this case as I do about the others."

"Oh, right. No floppy drive. No biggie; there's a whole stack of them over there on the other side of that ... pile of obstacles."

"Waitaminute: this looks like a second IDE port here -- where do I plug in the floppy cable? How much newer than most of my machines is this, if it doesn't have a floppy controller on the motherboard?"

"Hmph. Okay, I know I have PC/XT floppy controller cards in one of these boxes; I knew there was some reason I hadn't thrown them out."

"Hold on -- is this motherboard old enough to have at least one ISA/EISA slot to put the controller card in? Should I start instituting a minimum-age policy for hardware I take in to make sure I can plug in parts that I have? (Nah. Want speed, want RAM. Parts bin will catch up eventually, I suppose. Still need Sun KVM cables though.)"

"Maybe I should plug in an IDE CD-ROM and boot DSL instead? I don't remember which tools are and aren't in DSL, off the top of my head, but it ought to be a superset of tomsrtbt since a CD is bigger than a floppy, right?"

"Riiight. This just became a 'tomorrow' job. Not really something to tackle late in the second day awake due to insomnia (*grrrrr*) last night. 'Mañana, inshallah.' (...to commit a possibly unforgivable cultural 'mashup'.)"

"(Can I boot from a thumbdrive? I bet tomsrtbt will fit on one of those. I'll probably find a big enough one lying in the street one of these days, what with them being given away as promotional freebies.) Oh stop thinking and go to sleep already."

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