Speaker for the Diodes - August 13th, 2007

Aug. 13th, 2007

03:14 am - Home

Home safe. Exhausted. Truck-unloading will wait until morning; far too tired now (and might be able to get help from neighbour in daylight, depending on when I start). Had more to say, going through my brain during first half of trip, but whatever it was has been replaced by the thought, "sleeep nooow". Haven't peeked at flist yet -- not sure when I'll get a chance.

Before I left, people kept asking (as is customary), "Did you have a good War?" My brain was kind of stuck on, "I got to play electric bass with Wolgemut!" Leader of Wolgemut is very good at what he does, is politely demanding, and is someone I would work with again in a heartbeat if another opportunity arises.

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05:28 am - QotD

From the syndicated comic strip 9 Chickweed Lane by Brooke McEldowney, 2007-02-03 (one of a series of strips labelled "A Locutionary Field Guide to Earth (the hard little planet with the soft center)"):

Deceit, noun:

A dog rolls on the carcass of a dead possum in order to deceive other animals regarding his identity as a dog.

A man lolls in the scents of a church in order to deceive himself regarding his identity as a thief, an adulterer, and a liar.

The difference is that the dog does not first have to endure being bored by the possum.

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03:52 pm - Starting To Reacclimate to the XXIst Century

Everything on top of the wooden platforms is off the truck. The contractors parked on my side of the street graciously agreed to move their vehicles so I could move the truck to my side before rush-hour parking restrictions make the far side a tow-away zone. After I recover a bit from the unloading I've already done, I'll go ring the doorbell next door and see whether my neighbour is available to help with the 4'x8' platform sections. (He offered to help when I bumped into him last night, but I don't know his schedule for today.)

Depending on just how exhausted I am when I finish unloading, and what time that happens, I may even make it to 3LF rehearsal tonight. (It's on the way to where I need to return the truck to ... though I'm not sure where I could park the thing near the rehearsal site.) Don't hold your breath, but it is a possibility.

My allergies are bothering me more since getting back to Baltimore than the whole time I was at Pennsic. Not what I expected.

During last-minute shopping on Saturday a member of Friday's audience offerred to send me a copy of her camcorder video of the concert (brief bits, not the whole concert). When I mentioned this to Micha, he said to ask folks with videos to post them to the Wolgemut Youtube group. So if you've got video, consider yourself asked. :-)

The professional videographers running around during the concert were, if I understand correctly, the same folks who do the Pennsic comemmorative DVDs. So there should be professional video of the concert available at some point.

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04:49 pm - Status

All my stuff out of truck / into house. Neighbour not home; wrestled platform solo except for nudge from helpful passerby who saw me dragging the final section on the steps. Trembling-exhausted; crashing. Attendance @ rehearsal depends on what time I wake up.

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