Speaker for the Diodes - July 3rd, 2007

Jul. 3rd, 2007

12:29 am - 42nd Meme

So there's this meme floating around with the instructions:

  1. Go into the archives of your blog.
  2. Find your 42nd entry ever. Yes, this may require some counting and basic math. Deal with it.
  3. Link to that entry in a new entry. This is the meaning of your life.

(To anyone reading this on GJ, IJ, or Blurty, I'm going to use the 42nd entry from my LJ, since I don't think I'm up to 42 entries elsewhere yet (though this parenthetical comment will look odd ifwhen I get around to backfilling the other sites with backdated entries).)

I don't think I like my answer, posted via SMS from a cell phone in June 2002:

Fixed the car, sort of. Suspect I turned a catastrophic failure into an intermittent -- I'll find out the next time it fails.

I guess deliberately aiming a more optimistic entry at the 42nd spot in GJ or IJ just so I can re-do the meme using that would be cheating, huh? (Well, at least it wasn't the entry right before that one, about the car suddenly dying in the middle of the street.)

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02:56 am - Mine Eyes Have Felt The Stinging Of The Burning House's Smoke

Hmm. Wherever all those sirens are headed to is definitely upwind of here. (I've counted at least five times sirens have gone by with a few minutes between them, but a couple of those were multi-vehicle groups; one sounded different so it may have been an ambulance or the fire chief's SUV, and I'm guessing the rest were all pumpers and ladder trucks.) Can't see a smoke column from my window, though there's a faint smudge in the sky where the skyrockets finally stopped exploding (I understand the enthusiam and impatience that lead to so many explosions starting in late June and persisting until Independence Day, but fercryinoutloud, skyrockets at two-[expletive]ing-ay-em? Why?) I'm not sure whether the end of the pops&booms and the start of the sirens was mere coincidence or a shared cause -- the fire engines sounded like they were going farther north than where I'd seen the couple of bursts I managed to see the ends of, but I didn't catch the trajectory so I don't know the direction of the launch point. (The rockets were exploding nearby enough that at first I thought they were mere firecrackers being set off on my street in the next block, but I couldn't see anyone about. Then I eventually made it back to the window after one of the bangs in time to see the falling gold sparkles of a rocket over the houses catty-corner from me.)

Definitely smells like wood smoke, and my eyes are burning, but as I said, nothing visible from here yet.

Hmm. No more sirens since I started typing this. Better look for the earplugs just in case though.

[Aaaaaand, this turns out to be the 42nd entry in my GJ. This morning's QotD will be the 42nd entry in my IJ. Unless I can't get back to sleep and decide to finish the entry I started editing earlier.]

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05:28 am - QotD

"It is possible to read the history of this country as one long struggle to extend the liberties established in our Constitution to everyone in America." -- Molly Ivins (via Jone Johnson Lewis' collection of quotations on about.com)

Bonus quote in honour of the speaker's 70th birthday: "I write plays because dialogue is the most respectable way of contradicting myself." -- Tom Stoppard, quoted in The New Yorker 1977-12-19

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