Speaker for the Diodes - June 22nd, 2007

Jun. 22nd, 2007

05:28 am - QotD

"If you are male and you did want to clone yourself, and I mean clone in the sense of the word where the resulting organism has exactly the same DNA as you, it would require that the egg cell used for the cloning process come from your sister, mother, grandmother, mother's sister, sister's daughter. . . somebody with whom you share a matrilineal blood-line.

[explanation elided; see original]

"I was disturbed when I realized this, as it means creating my army of clones to bring about my total domination of the globe would require the cooperation of my mom, who probably wouldn't approve."

-- Zenaku, 2007-05-31 ( parent discussion)

[Hey, Conterpoint 2007 starts later today. I wonder whether I can get someone to write a filk song about this by the end of the weekend ...]

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09:10 am - Annoying Wrinkly Grey Organ

Dear blood-cooler,

If you're going to squirt out whatever hormone it is that keeps our muscles from moving when we dream we're moving, it doesn't really do any of us any good unless you actually fall asleep instead of a) lying there thinking thinky thoughts and not feeling rested and b) being quite annoyingly aware that our damned nose itches!


-- the rest of the body

P.S.: What's up with this bit where the online resources say the effect usually only lasts a few seconds and just feels like longer, but a clock within view and the number of buses I hear going by both tell me that it really was more like twenty five minutes?

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