Speaker for the Diodes - June 21st, 2007

Jun. 21st, 2007

05:28 am - QotD

For the summer solstice, some advice from "The Lazy Woman's Guide to Gardening" by [info] slfisher:

5. Redefine your idea of 'weed.' If you can eat it, it's not a weed, it's a vegetable. If I could get into the whole eating dandelions thing, I could save a hell of a lot of time.


10. For God's sake, don't get green-handled garden tools, gloves, etc. I spend half my time in the garden trying to find the damn things. Wait til May and get pink ones, even if you're a guy. Better still, wait til August when they're on sale. Ponder the notion of pink garden hose while you're at it.

[A few of my friends will be able to make use of tip #13. I'm sticking entirely to the advice in tip #14 myself. And [info] anniemal has taught me the value of tip #5, above; some of those weeds that I used to not know the names of are rather tasty. -- DGA]

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08:24 pm - Gambling

I'm bringing the oud to Conterpoint this weekend after all.

Anybody feel like starting a pool for guesses as to when during the weekend my tempoary repair to the head/neck joint will start to fail?

Still not sure about the soprano bowed psaltery (I'm definitely bringing the tenor), or whether I'll have time to replace the broken strings on the Vulcan lyre before tomorrow evening.

P.S.: This means, if you're the one playing the oud at the time the tuning and action start to go to pot (or, worst case, the wood splits), it won't be your fault. If I'm lucky it'll at least last long enough for interested people to try it out. Knock wood.

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