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Oct. 13th, 2018


05:24 am - QotD

"Rereading Lord of the Rings 10 years later, only to realize that the Ring is my smartphone." [photo of an ebook reader follows, displaying the following snippet from Tolkein]

Bilbo drew his hand over his eyes. 'I am sorry,' he said. 'But I felt so queer. And yet it would be a relief in a way not to be bothered with it any more. It has been so growing on my mind lately. Sometimes I have felt it was like an eye looking at me. And I am always wanting to put it on and disappear, dom't you know; or wondering if it is safe, and pulling it out to make sure. I tried locking it up, but I found I couldn't rest without it in my pocket. I don't know why. And I don't seem able to make up my mind.'

-- the artistic side of Somesanity (@flysanityfly), 2018-09-22

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