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Oct. 7th, 2018


05:26 am - QotD

Skin Horse, 2018-10-01:

Dr. Virginia Lee:  You're a very bad man.
Dr. Ao[*] Oh, no, I'm really a very good man. But in reality, good men must make hard choices.

Selected comments

adam:  There are no hard choices. There are merely choices that make good men into bad men with excuses.
awgiedawgie:  I disagree. Truly good men face hard choices every day. Wrong choices can turn one into a bad man. Right choices can also turn one into a good man who looks bad to the casual onlooker. But if one continues to be a good man, one will continue to face hard choices.

But in this case, I am with Dr. Lee. He is a very bad man. He may have objectives that might appear to be good on their own -- such as world peace, and a date with Virginia -- but his methods for achieving those goals are evil.
Bruce A Munro:  The thing is, people who talk about needing to make "hard choices" usually mean choices that will be hard on other people.

(Additional context for Dr. Ao being a very bad man here, in the 2018-09-29 strip.)

[*] Character has several identities / aliases, some of which would be spoilers for anyone who hasn't read recent strips, but in this scene he is appearing as Dr. Ao.

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