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Jun. 6th, 2018


05:26 am - QotD

"Jordan Peterson first became famous for refusing to use trans college students correct pronouns. That should be front and center in every conversation about him.

"He parlayed a media controversy over him misgendering trans people into a career giving advice to men. Write that into the lede of all ur stories about him plz."

-- P. E. Moskowitz (@ptrmsk), 2018-05-26 (two tweets)

[That is to say, not just "he did that," but that we would never have heard of him if not for that. As for the folks who decided to elevate him as someone to take advice from, there's this (granted, rather less objectively)...]

"If Jordan Peterson told his fanboys to drink poison, so they could shed their mortal form and be one with logic, half of them would do it, and the rest would say 'well actually he's been misrepresented, as the cyanide is really a metaphor for taking responsibility for your life'." -- Charlotte J. Benton (@C_J_Benton), 2018-05-27

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